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Agarwal Packers and Movers Record Management Facility

Why Outsource Record Management???? 
Every business generates documents and records that form the bulk of base information, which is referred to in varying degrees. These records accumulate and are eventually stored for future references.

We manage your Critical Business Records
APML provides secure and clean facilities where customer’s records and documents are safe as well as easily retrieve able on demand. Our clean, safe warehouses are the perfect place for your documents. APML’s off-site storage facilities are custom built for records storage and management with

Following facilities are available :-
APML stores your records, keeps them safe, retrieves and brings to your office when you need them….all this for a lot less then the cost of your storage unit.

  • Fire resistant materials
  • Monitored security systems with Controlled access
  • Video surveillance and round the clock security personnel
  • Automatic fire suppression systems & wireless smoke detectors
  • Locations outside of areas designated as “Food Prone”

Transport & Handling
APML follows strict and stringent processes for pickup and delivery of your records that are transported in wholly owned fleet of cargo & pickup vans. These vehicles are escorted by our experienced employees who have undergone thorough background check and signed non disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

Access to Your Records
Retrieval requests are verified by our client identification procedures. Accesses to APML’s facilities are restricted and all movements are monitored through CCTV Cameras. Visitors are not allowed to carry mobile camera phones, magnetic media inside the APML facility.

On site Client Review Room
APML provide an onsite-reference room for review of your records with a retrieval and viewing request in advance. All transactions are monitored and recorded as per Information Security Management Systems. The advantage is that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is maintained at all times.

With APML Record Management services your records are safe, efficiently managed and economically stored. APML treats your record with utmost care.

The Company is into Household Transportation & Logistics for more then 23 years now at1200 destinations across the nation and 170 countries internationally.


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